Mission and values

What we stand for

Earning the client’s trust.  Working as an extension of the client’s team to advise on complex investment problems and finding best in class solutions.

Client loyalty

We only prosper when we help our clients succeed. We have structured our business so we keep client interests front and centre.


We value our independence. Clients must be able to trust our judgments and respect our recommendations.


We deal with complex systems. We add value by approaching our work systematically.


No matter how complex the underlying issues, clarity improves decision-making. Einstein said it best. ‘Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.’


Because every client is unique our solutions should be too. We’ve structured our business to keep it that way.

Because markets never stand still we continually refine our approach. We’ve built up a strong track record of game-changing solutions over time.


Our people are curious and open-minded. They have a wealth of experience but never prejudge. They tackle each new task on its own merits.