Diversifying with hedge funds

Are my hedge funds really diversifying my portfolio or am I just buying low returns with high fees?

Many investors hold hedge funds in their portfolio through funds of hedge funds that failed them as diversifiers in 2008. Have these funds evolved to better diversify portfolios or will they fail once again when most needed? If the latter, are there any other options in this area that would do a better job or should you just exit these investments?

Using our quantitative analysis toolkit, which was especially built to analyse hedge funds, combined with our experience and expertise in this area, we can conduct a study that will highlight the level of diversification provided by your hedge fund holdings.

What’s more, we can identify strategies in both the hedge fund and broader alternatives space and test whether they would be better diversifiers for your portfolio. Because we build solutions using funds of hedge funds, hedge funds and the wider absolute return and alternative fund space, we will look beyond  than the typical hedge fund specialist to find the best fit for our clients’ portfolios.