Fund of hedge fund or direct hedge fund

We have decided to sell out of our fund of hedge funds to invest in hedge funds directly but which are the best funds?

Many investors are moving away from funds of hedge funds to invest directly in hedge funds. Many consultants’ buy-lists offer a small choice of just the biggest funds. But this may not include the hedge funds that meet investors’ specific needs.

We work with our clients not just to find the best hedge funds, but the hedge funds that best fit their needs. Which combination of managers will best complement their portfolio and achieve their precise goals?

We can either initiate an audit of the broader portfolio to suggest suitable strategies or respond to existing decisions. We then execute a wide-ranging, transparent and logical search to find the managers and funds that best fit their requirements and complement their portfolios.

For those clients requiring frequent, in-depth, expert monitoring and rebalancing we are often retained for active advice on this portfolio segment.