Investment Manager research and selection

For manager selection to be effective it has to be done properly.

We believe in scientific rigour, an open mind and complete dedication to finding the most suitable manager for each specific client, from the broadest possible universe.

Our innovative approach to manager selection is informed by each client’s profile and priorities. We will never present a pre-prepared, “one-size-fits-all” buy-list of managers.

We are well-known for our attention to detail.  Our Research team employs a vast range of in-house tools and models, supported by extensive experience and due diligence expertise to help our clients to make thoroughly informed investment decisions.

We are committed to transparency.  We involve our clients at every key stage. We provide a detailed written report of the entire project for your records.

bfinance’s manager search and selection provides:

• Customised reviews of the widest universe of potential providers

• No buy-lists – a flexible, up-to-date view of the market

• Market leading process, tools and attention to detail

• Complete client control of the process and a full written audit trail

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