Investment strategy design, development and review

bfinance helps clients design their investment strategy and portfolio mix. This could be anything from checking if their portfolio is taking enough risk to achieve their return objectives through to suggesting ways to diversify more effectively or save fees through restructuring.

We use proprietary models to help our clients to assess the levels and drivers of risk and return in their portfolio.  Our broad range of tools, including Portfolio Risk Solutions, helps test the potential benefits of any proposed changes.

bfinance will analyse manager level or holdings level data to identify hidden exposures, correlations or overlaps.  We use this information to work with our clients on testing the effectiveness of their existing allocation, as well as the potential diversification benefits of any new asset classes.

bfinance’s investment strategy service provides:

• Deeper understanding of implicit and explicit exposures

• Analysis focused solely on your portfolio

• Solutions adapted to your investment constraints

• Investment only in true diversifiers

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