Portfolio risk solutions

As investors’ portfolios become more complex and market conditions more challenging it is essential to look beyond traditional techniques to recognise risk concentrations and sensitivities.

Through our Portfolio Risk Solutions we provide broad-ranging support for risk management. We can offer ongoing portfolio monitoring, strategic reviews or assess the risk profile of investment opportunities.

bfinance’s proprietary, forward-looking risk models and systems analyse exposures using a wide range of risk factors. Our models assess the levels and the drivers of risk and return across a broad range of asset classes. They can identify the most effective diversification strategies.

This holistic approach to risk assessment integrates seamlessly into our investment strategy design and search and selection services.

A better understanding of portfolio risk allows:

• More realistic estimates of potential losses

• More responsive risk measures compared to historic risk measures

• Better understanding of your portfolio risk composition

• Improved understanding of the drivers of return in your portfolio

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